Coup Stick

The Coup Stick is for the bow hunter who wants a custom bow without the custom price tag.

It has all the same features as the Heart Stopper except the overlays on the backside of the bow. It comes standard with red elm and clear glass on the limbs and a variety of domestic and exotic hardwoods to choose from for the riser.

The Coup Stick has custom features you won't find on many bows - rounded overlays, finely crafted tips, and a beautiful finish. It is ideal for the bow hunter who wants a bow to use for hunting.

The Thunderhorn Coup Stick is currently available for $750.00*.

Extras Include:
Stipple grip..........$50.00
Horn tips.............$25.00
Actionboo Core with Exotic veneers......$100.00

*No Online Orders will be taken for Bows
To Order - Call (406) 961-2449

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