20% off all instock quivers use code twenty at checkout!

20% off all instock quivers use code twenty at checkout!

Coup Stick (check out the bows in stock pages)

The Coup Stick is for the bow hunter who wants a custom bow without the custom price tag.

It has all the same features as the Heart Stopper except the overlays on the backside of the bow. It comes standard with red elm and clear glass on the limbs and a variety of domestic and exotic hardwoods to choose from for the riser.

The Coup Stick has custom features you won't find on many bows - rounded overlays, finely crafted tips, and a beautiful finish. It is ideal for the bow hunter who wants a bow to use for hunting.

*Thank you for your interest in a Thunderhorn bow. I appreciate it very much.

Although I'm not currently taking custom orders, I am continuing to make a limited quantity of bows. We refer to these as "inventory" or "in stock" bows.

All inventory bows are made from some of the nicer woods that I have, and combinations that I know from experience will look good together.

I am also making these bows in draw weights that I know are popular and will sell quickly.

If you wish, we will take your contact information, along with your desired draw weight and bow length, and put it on our list of people to contact when a bow will be available.

Also, specify whether you are looking for the one piece bow or the 3-pc takedown.

You can send this information to duane@thunderhornmfg.com

Best regards, Duane

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20% off instock quivers use code twenty

use code twenty at checkout for 20% off instock quivers!