3 Piece Take-Down

My Thunderhorn one piece and two-piece bows are known for their smoothness. I didn't want to offer a Three-Piece Takedown until I could offer one that lives up to the same standards as my other bows.

I was also very careful to keep the same "feel" throughout the grip area, another noted feature of my one piece bows. Add to that the extra stability of the Three-Piece design, and an increase in performance. I think this is my best shooting bow so far.

The Thunderhorn Three-Piece Takedown is currently available in the HeartStopper model for $1050.00*.

Extras Include:
Horn Tips........$25.00
Stipple Grip..........$50.00
Actionboo Core with Exotic Veneers.....$100.00
Extra set of Limbs...$550.00
Riser Only..............$500.00

*No Online Orders will be taken for Bows
To Order - Call (406) 961-2449

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