The "Linx" quiver for longbows and recurves utilizes a lightweight, but strong carbon rod to connect the hood to a semi "set back"  arrow gripper component, to create a one piece quiver. it uses the same limb gripper components as the "BOA" model.

The Linx will strap on or remove in seconds. It is very secure and won't move once positioned. It works for both Take-Down (fits up to 19" riser) and 1-Piece bows (fits up to 21" riser). Custom lengths can be made as well.

Solid color leather hood - $125.00
Contrasting insert - $140.00
Snakeskin insert (Western Diamondback only) - add $38.00 to contrasting 
Snakeskin on fixed length bar only - add $38.00
Laser art - add $20.00 (Laser art can only be done on Contrasting Insert quivers) 

Available in Standard (5 arrow) or Small Fry (4 arrow) model.
Our Small Fry is normally set up with 4 arrows, but can be made to hold 5 arrows. Our Standard is normally set up with 5 arrows, but can be made to hold 6 arrows. 

Available in a fixed length or an adjustable model. 
For the fixed length model, specify your fadeout to fadeout distance on a one piece bow or riser length on a takedown bow. 

The fadeout is the area where your riser makes its complete transition into the limb. Viewed from the edge, it will appear as a wedge shape that tapers or "fades" down to nothing, leaving only the layers of wood and glass that make up the limb laminations.

We use the distance measurement, from the very end of one fadeout to the other, as a baseline to make a fixed length "Linx" to fit your bow. Your quiver will then allow about 1/2" or so of your riser fadeout to extend beyond the quiver, so that the quiver will not interfere with the moving part of your bow's limbs.

Available in most colors, or tell us your bow woods and we'll match up the leather to your bow.

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