Our ARMGUARD is made of high quality saddle leather, with contrasting tab pieces which act as edge reinforcements for the stretch loops and fastener. We use the "two stretch loop" method of attaching the guard to your arm, which has proven to be very secure and amazingly easy to put on. Laser engraving looks very nice on these.

Basic Armguard - $55.00
Basic Armguard with Contrasting Insert - $75.00 

Laser Engraving * - add $20.00
Tab Lacing - add $45.00 
Elkhorn Buttons - add $25.00
Branded Leather - add $5.00

Available colors: black, medium brown, dark brown, tan, or tell us your bow woods and we'll match up colors for you. Please choose contrasting colors for the body, overlay and tab colors. Specify color choices in Order Notes in Cart*

*Special color requests and Laser Engraving choice can be added to Order Notes in Cart. Please specify which image you would like to have engraved. Engraving will only show up nicely on Tan or Medium Brown.

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