The HeartStopper is our flagship bow. It comes standard with a red elm limb core with clear glass on top and bottom.

You can choose from a variety of domestic and exotic hardwoods for the riser. We have found that when two species are combined in the riser, an angle stripe is best. If you want the same species with an accent stripe, a vertical stripe looks good.

The Heart Stopper has overlays on both sides of the riser. Many of our customers want a bow that looks as good as it shoots. Our philosophy is that when you spend your hard earned money for a bow, you deserve one that makes you feel good to own it. If it looks good - you'll feel good. If you feel good - you'll shoot good.

The Thunderhorn HeartStopper is currently available for $850.00*.

Extras Include:
Stipple grip........$50.00
Horn tips............$25.00
Actionboo core with Exotic Veneers....$100.00

*No Online Orders will be taken for Bows
To Order - Call (406) 961-2449

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