Discounted Items

Sometimes we goof!  Either the leather has a flaw, the stitching just isn't up to snuff, or it's just plain ugly!

Discounted quivers come standard in the Boa model, but can be made into a Two-Point or Sidewinder. Please call (406) 961-2449 to place an order for a Two-Point or Sidewinder.

Boa - Solid Color - $55.00
Boa* - Contrasting Color - $65.00

Two-Point - Solid Color - $65.00
Two-Point* - Contrasting Color - $75.00

Sidewinder - Solid Color - $65.00
Sidewinder* - Contrasting Color - $75.00

We also have a few Armguards for a Discounted price. Call or email for availability


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