BOA Modifications

For primitive bows or unusual shaped limbs:

If you have a bow with an unusual shape or extra-thick cross section, the BOA may be modified to fit your bow in the following manner:

a. remove the straps and anchor-post pieces from each quiver component.

b. hold the quiver component so that the open end of the limb gripper slot is facing up.

c. spread the two sides of the limb gripper slot with your fingers, and using a hacksaw blade, make a cut or slit through the closed end of the slot. The slit should be right in the middle, between the two sides, and run parallel with the sides. The depth of the cut should be 1/4". This "relief slit" will allow the limb gripper slot to "open up" to accommodate thicker cross sections of limbs.

d. replace the straps and anchor-post pieces in their original positions.

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